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You’ve most likely read or heard about a service similar to ours before. Although intravenous hydration treatment is gaining popularity, we have found that many consumers are still unclear about its specifics. It is perfectly comprehensible that so many people have many inquiries regarding IV treatment.

You are most certainly encouraged to conduct as in-depth of a search as is required because we enjoy doing our own research as well. You’ll have more faith in your choice if you do it this way. We also want our clients’ experiences to be as convenient as possible, so we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about IV hydration therapy.

Yes, a medical expert with the necessary training and IV treatment experience administers our formulae. All of our medical staff have years of experience working in hospitals and clinics and are all licensed as Registered Nurses, Paramedics, or higher. The majority of the treatments provided adhere to the same principles used in urgent care centers and emergency rooms around the nation.

Additionally, IVs have been administered to patients for approximately 200 years. Even while vitamin-powered IV treatment is currently rather popular, it has been safely used for decades. Additionally, before or during your treatment, any member of our medical staff may address any particular inquiries you may have concerning the service.

A tiny catheter will be inserted into your vein by a qualified healthcare provider. The catheter is connected to a bag that holds the saline solution—basically salt water—and any additional extras that came with your order. For complete bioavailability, your formula will be delivered directly into your circulation. This implies that you start to benefit fully from every vitamin and/or drug in your IV bag nearly right away. Additionally, IVs provide speedy and effective fluid and electrolyte replacement. A quick approach to rehydrate and benefit from the nutrients in our solutions is through intravenous infusion.

Each person may have a somewhat different experience getting an IV. However, the average time for someone to complete their therapy is 45 to 1 hours. You should budget one hour out of your day for IV hydration treatment overall. Fortunately, the operation is rather stress-free. You’ll remain sitting and mostly motionless, where you may talk to others, watch TV, use your phone, etc.

We understand that paying several hundred dollars for relief may seem excessive at first. But we only use top-notch, pharmaceutical-grade supplies and substances. You can easily pay three times as much (or more!) in any emergency department when you include our highly qualified crew of medical specialists. After you reap the rewards, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a great deal just as our regulars do.

We are aware that some people are more sensitive to pain than others and that other people become anxious about needles. Please keep in mind that every member of our medical staff is ready to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, keep in mind that they are skilled experts who will make the insertion as quick and painless as possible. The majority of individuals just experience a pinch.

You are free to speak with your doctor about the safety and effectiveness of IV hydration therapy treatments. Keep in mind that getting this therapy is totally up to you, and you don’t have to. The therapy will be approved by the on-call doctor or nurse practitioner, who will also offer suggestions based on his evaluation. It’s crucial that you give precise and comprehensive information, just like you would to any doctor.

Absolutely. Many of our customers use IV therapy treatments to improve their overall wellbeing or to get ready for significant events. During the cold and flu season, several of our products are also great for strengthening your immune system. Our compositions are used by athletes and other people who exercise hard to enhance performance and restoration. Others just like to seem and feel hydrated and rested before a significant event. Please note that while hydration treatment may lessen your risk of experiencing a hangover, there is no assurance.

Yes, please invite us! We like having a good time just as much as the next person and are definitely not wallflowers. We can also treat your party or group if that’s what you mean by wanting us to. To find out more about the special group prices, please get in touch with our staff. For your event, especially bachelor/bachelorette parties, it’s the ideal “morning after” treat.

Receiving IV treatment has the significant benefit of being easily customized to your requirements. Some people only sometimes suffer from migraines, FLU, or hangovers. Others receive IV treatment more frequently because it has greater benefits than oral vitamin administration. In the end, it truly comes down to your lifestyle and biological distinctiveness. Our professional experts would be happy to assist you in determining how frequently and when to administer specific therapies.

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