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Speed Up Your Recovery: How IV Therapy Can Help You Recover From Illness

Image of the word sick surrounded by honey, tea, a thermometer, and supplement tablets

A Fact Of Life It’s inevitable. A fact of life, really. From time-to-time, everyone will get sick. Whether you have an inconveniently timed cold, a more debilitating gastrointestinal bug, or any other unexpected illness, it can derail your life, leaving you feeling weak, tired, and eager to return to normalcy. Traditional remedies like rest, hydration, […]

The Benefits of Magnesium Supplements

The battle of the nutrients – macro versus micro. Macronutrients are the nutrients your body needs in large amounts like protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Macronutrients maintain your body’s structure, energy,  and ability to function. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function at its best. We need them in much smaller amounts […]

Vitamin D Deficiency and the Benefits of Supplementation

An image of a sun and the letter d created with vitamin d capsules.

Here Comes The Sun Spring is finally here and, as the Beatles tell us, “Here Comes The Sun.” Sunny days impact our mood and our outlook, and they offer up what most of us desperately need: vitamin D. For those who focus on health and wellness, few nutrients are as important as vitamin D. Vitamin […]

The Differences Between Mounjaro and Ozempic

Image of a woman’s hand injecting medication into her stomach

The Latest And Greatest Weight loss medications are all the rage. They’re the latest and greatest tool in the fight against obesity. Although they were initially approved to manage type 2 diabetes, they’ve been found to positively impact other health conditions including weight loss, too. What They Are Ozempic is the brand name for semaglutide. […]

How Long Do The Benefits Of An IV Therapy Treatment Last?

Woman in a spa-like setting enjoying IV therapy

Regularly Scheduled We schedule haircuts, manicures, massages, facials, and a variety of other services regularly. For some of us, that means once a month while others prefer two weeks or six weeks between self-care appointments. Whatever our preferred schedule is, most of us make it a point to adhere to that schedule because it works […]

How Often Can I Get An Infusion?

Photo of woman getting IV hydration treatment

From All Sides Some days we’re bombarded from all sides. Overbooked schedules, relentless influx of conflicting news stories, traffic and travel delays, and even environmental factors affect us all. Keeping all the balls in the air is daunting at best. Our bodies pay the price for our twenty-first century lifestyle, so it’s crucial that we […]

How IV Therapy Can Detox The Body

Image of the word detox made from chia seeds surrounded by healthy foods

Toxins Toxins are everywhere. They’re inevitable, really. Between the food we eat and the air we breathe, toxins abound. Most of us are looking for ways to enhance our health and feel our best. Eliminating toxins from the body is one way to support good health. IV therapy can help with this elimination process and […]

The Power of Antioxidants in the Body

Image of healthy food surrounding the word antioxidants

Health If you have your health, you have all you need to create a fulfilling life. Without it, you have nothing. Good health is, truly, your greatest commodity. It allows you to work, play, laugh, love, and experience everything important to you. Good health permits you to adventure, challenge yourself, and grow in ways you […]

Best Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Minerals To Lose Weight

Image of a scale, weights, and a tape measure surrounding an apple indicating aspects of weight loss

Post-Holiday Pounds The holidays are over, and you may or may not have overindulged. Whether you had too many canapés, one too many decadent desserts, or an extra glass of wine, those holiday calories can equal post-holiday pounds. Before a few pounds turns into more, it’s a good idea to work on losing them now. […]

How IV Therapy Can Support and Increase Your Immune System

Woman smiling and holding a glass of water while she receives IV therapy

Winter We’re past the holidays and into the thick of winter. With it comes wintry things like colds, the flu, RSV, or maybe even COVID, but there are ways to enhance your immunity to help you stay healthy.  IV therapy, for example, is a great way to strengthen your immune system, protect you from illness, […]